Gaga Bird

Gaga Collage (one of three)- adapted press cuttings and antique prints.

Absurd because it’s not absurd.
Gaga woke as a Gaga Bird.

And as her bony wings unfurled,
She beheld her Gaga World.

Shoes for hooves, claws for paws,
In Gaga World doors opened doors.

On day six she raised her head,
And pushed out a gold monster egg.

The magic metronome went, ‘Tick tick’,
And out marched umpteen monster chicks.

To them she tweeted, ‘Life is Art.’
Mummy bird was media smart.

Day seven was set aside to preen,
And then make the Gaga Machine.

Churning out a chick per beat,
To squawk and squeal at Gaga feet.

Round and round and round and round.
Revolved around its own sweet sound.

Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, Gaga.
Spat out chicks both near and far.
Chicks picking and pecking everywhere,
Breathing in and out the Gaga air.

Over played and overcome,
Gaga bird flew towards the sun.

It scorched her feathers and her beak.
She let out a loud screech owls’ shriek.

And as she tumbled to the ground,
The monster chicks made monster sounds.

They loved their Mummy oh so much,
They sucked her in and ate her up.

They sucked her up like starving beasts,
And left behind her hoof clad feet.

Then the starless night did fall,
And Balance Bird did curtain call.

Absurd because it’s not absurd.
About and not about a bird.

SJL, 2018


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