To a Seagull

Artful upstart, mouth like a cave, tricky young trickster. Brave Heart, old brave.

Drawing; 45cm x 65cm, pastel and graphite on paper.

Artful upstart,
Mouth like a cave,
Tricky young trickster,
Brave Heart, old brave.

Born of the ocean,
Fisher of fins,
Gannet for Ginsters,
Ambushed from bins.

Fox of the Sky Lords,
Amazing air craft.
Head-skimming chip thief,
Defacer of cars.

Drummer of earthworms,
Skidder of skies,
Snail shell bay bomber,
Town crier of tides.

Wind up air merchant,
Bonny’s Clyde of the sea,
A place without seagulls,
Is no place for me.

SJL, 2018

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